How to use /public directory?


I noticed that I can access /public when working with notebooks or .py scripts in the cloud. What is that?


/public directory is a special directory which is mounted to every Neptune experiment.

We’ve put some interesting datasets and models so that you would not have to upload them yourself.

You can always use the bash cell functionality in notebook to list the /public directory:

!ls /public

The most interesting directories are:

  • /public/datasets that contains among others:

    • ‘coco’
    • ‘open-images-dataset-v4 datasets’
    • ‘cifar’
    • ‘Fashion-MNIST’
    • ‘MNIST’
  • /public/models that contains various size-heavy embedding models:

    • ‘fasttext’
    • ‘glove’
    • ‘word2vec’
  • /public/challenges where you can find data for various Kaggle competition.

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