User roles

Roles in organization

If you have an organization (check how to create one), you can invite people to it. Two roles are available:


  • Has edit access to organization settings, that is billing and people.

  • On the billing panel can edit payment options and plans and access to invoice data.

  • On the people panel can add / remove people from organization.

  • By default admin is an Owner of all projects (editable option).

organization settings button

You can access organization settings by clicking blue button “Settings”.


Organization must have at least one Admin, so last Admin cannot be removed from the organization.


  • Has no access to organization settings.

  • For projects created in organization: member can be assigned to such project by project Owner.

Roles in project


  • Has edit access to all experiments and notebooks.

  • Has edit access to project settings.

  • Can remove project.

  • Project creator is by default project owner.


  • Has edit access to own experiments and notebooks.

  • Has view access to all experiments and notebooks.

  • Can run experiments.

  • Can add notebooks and make checkpoints.

  • In the settings tab, have view-only access to people in project.

  • Can leave project.


  • Has view-only access to experiments, notebooks and Wiki.

  • Cannot run experiments, make notebook checkpoints.

  • Has no access to project settings.