project activate

This command changes the global configuration of your neptune command
to use another project by default. This can still be overridden by using
the --project option in most commands.


neptune project activate [--config CONFIG-FILE] [-h] [-v] [--profile PROFILE] [--debug]

Positional Arguments

Parameter Description
project Name of the project to activate.
It can be either your-organization/your-project or simply your-project. In
the latter form, your-project is expected to reside within the organization
associated with your account. If your username is jacob, then jacob/sandbox
points to the sandbox project within your organization.

Global Options

Parameter Description
--config Path to a Neptune CLI configuration file.
-h, --help Show this help message and exit.
-v, --version Show Neptune CLI version and exit.
--profile Set user profile to use.
--debug Run command with additional debug-level logging.